Fat-Sex turned Two!
Wow! I can’t believe James and I been managing this blog for 2 years! 

Thank you to everyone that follows us, it really means something to us, that y’all feel the same as we do about Fat-Sex!
We hope that the blog continues to grow and we get to connect with more of you.

OH! And we just hit 5,000 followers! So thats really cool! :) 

Charley & James


this is mabe my favourate photo from the shoot i did with troi :) i will be posting a fe more on here but most of them will be up on my burlesque favebook page



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So excited about these photos I just
Got back from great photographer herb ascherman! Was a great shoot!

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My thighs can conquer the world one face at a time


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spooning always leads to forking

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Anonymous asked:
Car sex positions for a fit guy and a 5'4" 210lb girl? I've never tried to have car sex and I don't want it to be an awkward failure of a first try.

Unfortunately James and I haven’t had a car sex experience. I’m quite sad about that. So I can’t really help you in terms of how to approach it.

My best guess is just to give it a go, you won’t know unless you try! 
Cars aren’t that spacious, so you might not be able to get into some positions you can at home!
Possibly have a test run? Try out some positions you think would work in your car, at home!

You can’t fail at having sex, it’s all about trying things out and making it work for you. Don’t stress too much if it doesn’t work out how you wanted, put it down to experience, and next time you try, you might be better equipped.