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Hi there! I'm a 20 year old ciswoman who mostly has sex with men. Sometimes (but not all the time) my knees start hurting when I'm on top in cowgirl and it ruins the fun. Which sucks because cowgirl is a favourite and one of the few positions where I get clit stimulation which allows me to cum. Any suggestions for improving cowgirl? Or are there any other positions that give me the same amount of clit stimulation during sex? Thanks!

Hey there!

You’re definitely not alone in the hurt knees department. I would imagine a lot of people have the same problem.

A few things I may suggest is maybe you could try reverse cowgirl a little differently. For example, get your partner to sit up (slightly slouched) against a solid surface, then what you need to do is get into the revers cowgirl position, but don’t straddle them. Tuck your legs underneath theirs. Great for weight distribution, and gives you a little more control.

Another good one is for you both to get into the missionary position, but get them into a push-up position that that the base of their penis, or toy, can give you increased clitoral stimulation.

I hope this helps, and thanks for the question!


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Do you guys watch My Mad Fat Diary? And like it ?

I watched both seasons a few weeks ago! I wasn’t sure id like it, with all the hype around it.BUT I LOVED IT! It was so great and I really enjoyed it!

James however didn’t really see any of it, I made him let me watch the last 2 episodes of season 2, while I was at his house. and he said it was predictable and wasn’t really into it.

Who’s your favourite for Rae? I liked LIAM! - Unpopular opinion, but still!


Hey, I’m Maggie. 

Shower time fun. 

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Any advice to remove bum acne ? Also bum hairs (in the crack/around the anus) ? I really enjoy anal but we don't do it often because I'm paranoid, But I like to be hairless in this area when we do. Its super embarrassing but it has to be asked. I struggle to a get a razor in there to shave them out :/ x

I’ve not had experience with this, so I’ll try and be as helpful as I can.

To remove acne, try skin exfoliators and creams to make it go away.
If regards to the hair, have you tried a hair removal cream? That might be a better alternative to shaving, I can Imagine how difficult it might be to get a razor in there, so a cream might be better suited for that?

Hope this helps!

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I could use a little advice. I've been in a relationship for 5 months now and for the most part it's great but our sex life is seriously lacking. It's making me self conscience and making it hard to believe when he says he loves and wants me when he doesn't show it. We're both big & haven't been with the nicest partners in the past so we have our individual baggage. We've tried to talk about it but not much has changed it just seems like a vicious circle at this point & I'm not sure what to do.

Obviously, you need to break the cycle.
You need to sit down with your partner and have another heart to heart, you’ve gotta make your point very clear. That you are unhappy with your sex life, and if you are both committed to making it work, then it’ll work.
Maybe not straight away, but you’ll be on your way to sorting it.

You and only you know what you want to happen, and what you can do to make it better, and satisfying.

Hope that you sort it out lovely!

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This might sound odd, but your blog has helped me gain a lot of confidence in myself :) I just thought to myself "fuck society. If I'm happy with the way I look, then let me be fucking happy!" So thank you for that.

This makes James and I so very happy, we love receiving messages like this! :)
Thank you!


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